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An amazing collaboration between Sony Pictures International Productions and Amazon Prime Video has birthed this intriguing screenplay Veneciafrenia.

Venecia Frenia is the first movie in what they call the fear collection. These two multi-million dollar movie companies closed a deal with outstanding Spanish cineaste Alex de la Iglesia, to produce a horror feature film anthology that has never been seen before. This promises to be one of a kind.

PLOT  – Veneciafrenia 2021 Movie

The concept behind the story brings to light this claim that in nature, there is a correlation between beauty and death. With Venice standing as the most beautiful city on earth in this movie, tourists set out on an adventurous quest to behold what it holds.

But, beauty turns to ashes as these tourists encounter locals who aren’t friendly to foreigners. Against all odds, they fight for their lives.


November 26, 2021

Directed by Alex de la Iglesia, Veneciafrenia pelicula movie stars Caterina Murino, Cosimo Fusco, Ingrid Garcia Jonsson.

Veneciafrenia Trailer

Venicephrenia movie has promised to have no dull moment. The horror genre would surely make you feel like you are in Venice.

Click the link below to watch the trailer in HD.


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